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About Us

We are a technology-based company with a single purpose, to ensure that technology has a positive impact on our clients businesses. It is our ONLY goal.

Who are we?

INCOMPANY was founded in 2009 with the purpose of ensuring that technology has a positive impact on companies and that with it, they can improve their business processes within the framework of a digital transformation in the area of ​​Sales, Service and Marketing.

It is clear that what is not measured is not improved and we are at a time where knowing our customers is vital to be competitive and provide a quality service.

Our differentiating service has been rated by our clients with satisfaction results above 96%.

Our implementation and consulting methodology positions us as a Partner specialized in Salesforce Solutions with a high degree of flexibility and quick response to changes in markets, clients and competitive environment with verifiable experience in most industries.

Incompany People Our Team

We are a passionate, highly qualified group (from Universities such as INCAE, EADA, TEC) with the purpose of ensuring that technology has a positive impact on the businesses where we implement technology. We achieve this through the synergy achieved between its founding partners who have HIGH knowledge in technology and business processes.

Historical Review

From the day we started to the present, INCOMPANY has stood out for its constant innovation, being a PIONEER in Central America with its solutions, both its trajectory and its extensive experience and customer satisfaction have been an important part of consolidating and standing out in such a changing market.

With more than 10 years of experience and support, the quality of service with which we work, has satisfied clients and implementations have been carried out by highly qualified personnel which have demonstrated the PREFERENCE for our solutions over the competitors.

Regional Presence

A foray into market opening was achieved in countries without technological integrations, accelerating the experience to leading platforms in business solutions to the cloud, creating a positive impact through user adoption strategies and organizational culture.

INCOMPANY has managed to position itself in Central America as a company with innovative solutions in different business sectors, developing projects in different countries such as Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala and El Salvador, achieving very favorable results in its developments and implementations.

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