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We have a vast experience reimplementing Salesforce when there was a failed implementation in the past. 

Our products

Technological Integration

Over the years we have incorporated new product lines, our main purpose is to constantly innovate so that our clients can obtain integral solutions according to their needs and the changes that are generated with new technologies.

Our Services

Salesforce RESCUE

We have a vast experience reimplementing Salesforce when there was a failed implementation in the past.

Database Integration

Salesforce is a customer-centric platform. Close the 360 ​​cycle of your company obtaining information from data sources such as ERP systems (eg SAP, Oracle). Also integrate with public services such as exchange rate, supreme court of elections and public offer system.

Customer Service and Attention (CEM)

The “Customer Experience Management” department provides value to the company after an implementation. Once you start using the tool, your needs change over time. Our consulting team is in charge of ensuring growth that is aligned with your business strategy.

Integrations with Social Networks

Integrate Salesforce with WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networks to maintain close communication with your customers.

Salesforce Staff Augmentation

If you need a dedicated resource for Salesforce, we offer screening, placement, and monitoring. We have a proven training methodology.

UX Design and Development

We have a highly trained technical team with development and user experience skills that accompanies any service we offer.

Functional consulting for digital transformation

User adoption, cloud scanning and functional consulting. Get to know the functional tools of Business in the Consultative area with our Business experts from INCAE’s school with Salesforce certifications. Discover the benefit of implementing under a proven and safe methodology, as well as supporting your commercial teams in the correct adoption of the tool. We also discovered the benefits of the Einstein Artificial Intelligence ENGINE implemented with the best practices by our Mathematical advisory team in an INCOMPANY Artificial Intelligence session.

Technical consulting for digital transformation

Commonly, clients have legacy servers, diverse systems, databases, email and voip applications. When starting a digital transformation, the value comes not only from business process optimization, but also from “technical optimization”.
We analyze, study and understand your current IT infrastructure. Based on this analysis we suggest the BEST integration design. And we say “best”, because it offers scalability, optimization, user friendly integration and a highly reliable flow of all your data to centralize it in a 360 degree view of your cliente, so service agentes can make smarter decisions.

On-site and virtual training courses

If you already have Salesforce or Gsuite and want to push it further in your organization, make it a culture, we offer training programs for Google and Salesforce products and services. We do it 100% personalized. We have more than 15 years providing training in these tools.

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